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Design Resources

More Information?

If you’re preparing a presentation, or just looking to learn more we’re here to help. We have a wealth of product literature and samples to support your project. Here you can request a binder, finish samples, or you can schedule someone in our network to give a presentation at your office. Throughout our site, in addition to basic product information, we also have details readily available: certifications, shipping dimensions & weight, even cord lengths. Finally, you can preview the installation process for any product via our instructions. Wherever you are in the process, we back our product and your project with information.

CAD files and useful links

DD’s or CD’s? We want you to present your best. As you’re creating your project digitally, we encourage early integration of all construction details. To aid in this effort, we provide 3D files in Revit, Sketchup and .DWG as well we provide 2D dimensioned drawings in .PDF and .DWG. For lighting designers we provide .IES files on select products. Tearsheets, binders, product sample loans are accessible in our Request More Information page. If you’d like to see the fixture in context, view finishes in action, or get a sense of light in a space, you can discover our product in completed projects in our Installation Gallery.

Light Reading

Choosing Color Temperature

January 28, 2016

LED lighting offers many benefits and features that were difficult, if not impossible to offer with other lighting technologies. Many of the obvious benefits, such as substantial operating energy and cost reductions, longer life, and lower overall heat generation are generally well known. Another feature that allows for dramatic appearance... Read More

Dimming Basics

January 28, 2016

What used to be a fairly straight forward proposition dimming incandescent fixtures has been made more complicated by the fact that the new LED technology is different about how it is dimmed. TRIAC Forward Phase Dimming All RBW standard spec light fixtures work with Forward Phase Dimmers, also known as TRIAC... Read More