RBW XR, or Extended Reality, is a new way to digitally experience our products in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Experience RBW favorites

Step into a fictional workspace that was dreamed up in collaboration with visual artist Tom Hancocks. Intrigued by his hyper-realistic yet daring fictional spaces, we started off this collaboration with a humble dream to design a unique office identity that would incorporate architectural features, furniture, and artwork only possible in our dreams (Max Lamb chairs? Yes please.)

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Explore the newest collection

Latis 360

Explore our new collection Latis in a 360 experience desiged by visual artist Tom Hancocks. The space showcases a number of Latis' striking configurations, dynamic capabilites, and bold palette of finishes.

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RBW XR Headset

Order a headset and enjoy a moment of reprieve from the solitude of your at-home work desk and immerse yourself in the possibilities of creating atmosphere with RBW.