RBW Culture

RBW has worked at cultivating a culture where employees are able to come as they are in a setting that values respect, innovation, collaboration, and a healthy work-life balance. A set of values and core working principles has helped mold our culture into what it is today, but we also acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. We continually identify ways to improve, refine, and adjust our policies, procedures, and work environment to enhance our company culture. We know that each new hire we invite onto our team will play a role in the culture at RBW. With that understanding, we have a thorough selection process to ensure the individuals, who accept our offer, will add to our culture and not just fit into what has been created.

RBW offers a range of medical benefit offerings at no cost to our team members. In addition to no out-of-pocket expense, we have allotted Wellness Time. Life happens and you can’t plan an illness but you can plan preventative measures. Use this time when you need to book those appointments to keep yourself at your best and use the time for those unexpected scenarios.

There are many factors that go into compensation. Two are your take-home pay and what we call the hidden paycheck. The hidden paycheck encompasses our employer contributions that you may not see including but not limited to our 3% guaranteed retirement contribution, medical benefit contribution, profit sharing, and tuition reimbursement.

RBW was founded and continues to grow with the guiding belief that we can use business to make a positive impact on all of our stakeholders, including our customers, our employees, our community, and our planet. We received our B-Corp certification in 2019 as a way to acknowledge our efforts. However, we believe we can always do better and we are continually identifying ways we can reduce waste and use less energy in our procurement of supplies, our production process, and in our offices. To learn more about our efforts, head over to our sustainability page.

We understand that bias, whether unconscious or conscious, can enter our hiring and selection process. In order to mitigate bias as much as possible our first step is to acknowledge it and identify it when we see it. However, we’ve taken an additional step. Our applicant tracking system masks all identifying information on applications so the decisions we make on who to move forward in our selection process are based solely on an applicant's credentials. This means we are not judging applicants based on ethnicity, gender, or age and focusing more importantly on applicants’ qualifications and how well they match the needs of the position.

The future of work at RBW allows employees to prioritize their need to be closer to family, the outdoors, or warmer weather, without any impact on their ability to actively participate at RBW. RBW’s physical environment and in-person roles will always remain a critical part of innovation and our ability to manufacture our catalog of luminaires in-house. Because of this, our physical spaces will continually update, transform, and adapt. The future of RBW will balance manufacturing activity, anywhere work, and targeted in-person team interactions, with groups gathering at specific times to interact, refresh personal connections, and exchange ideas. Wherever we are, collaboration will remain at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach to paid time off looks a little different at RBW. Many organizations put a cap on time off but we are choosing to put a minimum of time off of work. We all work hard but we believe physical and mental health needs to be prioritized to perform your best. After 90 days of employment, you can start requesting time for your paid days off.

What do people think about working at RBW?

Employee Testimonial

Tina Ngyen | Account Executive, team member since 2018

What is one of RBW’s values that you appreciate the most?
Since this organization is so small, and due to the fact that I’ve been here through many changes the company has made, I think our value “it starts with me” is important because you have to constantly evaluate how you can add value to the company as it grows. With that in mind, I think it’s important to constantly look back to where I came from and what I have learned along the way to implement it through whatever transition we are going through.

How do you enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere?
I love it and am able to focus a lot more when I’m at home. Now that I’m traveling more frequently, it’s so nice to be able to come home and work through necessary tasks in the comfort of my own home. However, it’s also nice to have the freedom to work from the showroom or the factory and work alongside my teammates if I want to.

How would you describe the workplace culture at RBW?
I think it’s great and I love the team that we have cultivated here. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and it seems like everyone is happy to be at work. I feel like everyone's relationships with coworkers both personal and professional are really great.

Employee Testimonial

Kyle Furlong | Marketing Communications Lead, team member since 2018

What perk of working at RBW is your favorite?
My favorite perk of working at RBW would be the continuous and ever-changing growth. I have personally and professionally grown tremendously. I’ve been lucky to work with some of the brightest minds from many different backgrounds who have helped me to grow within the organization. The ability to work collaboratively within different functions of the organization helps create a sense of ownership in what I do day by day.

Why did you say yes to RBW? Has RBW lived up to your expectations?
I saw an incredible opportunity to be a part of a design value-focused, growing company. I was interested in transitioning into the industry from my food and beverage background. Yes, my time here has been everything expected and more. The organization has doubled in size and has remained true to its initial vision and values. It places people, processes, and products above all else which makes for a really enjoyable work experience.

If you could describe what it’s like working at RBW in a few words, what would they be?
Working at RBW is wonderful because no two days are the same, you really have the opportunity to get involved and see your direct impact to work with team members from leadership to other levels of the organization. I value the ability to work cross-functionally and have transparency in the business and know who to go to. I learn daily from coworkers and develop new ways to solve problems.

Employee Testimonial

Tia Hayes | Product Specialist, team member since 2021

How has the move to Kingston changed your work experience?
Space-wise things have improved so much, there is so much more room here, I love it! Things are more organized and much easier to find. Things were so condensed in Brooklyn, but here we all have our own workstations that are so much more spaced out.

Could you describe what it is like working on the Production Team?
It’s fun, you get to learn a lot, and everyone gets along. Even if you don’t have electrical experience, you get to learn a lot about electrical wiring. You can also apply what you learn outside work, which is great.

What’s the most unique part of working at RBW?
I think the most unique part of working at RBW is that nobody is trying to step on anyone else's toes. Everyone works together and tries to help each other out.

Would you recommend working at RBW to a friend? Why?
Yes, the pay is great, the atmosphere is great, and the benefits are great. However, I would want to be selective about who I’d want to come work with here, it’s a special place.