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Traveling Sample System


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Present in style. This traveling sample system is a clean and organized way to store and transport your RBW samples. You'll get seven fully-dimmable RBW fixtures and two in-line dimmers and extension cords. Each fixture is hard-wired with a quick connect for fast set-up. Kits stack and lock together for easy transport. 

1 x Branch Sconce Gold
1 x Ledge
1 x Crisp
1 x Monocle
1 x Dimming Assembly
1 x Queue Sample
1 x Mori Sconce
1 x Palindrome Head
1 x Dimming Assembly

Dimming & Control
Portfolio Dimming control compatibility and dimming range can be found on the specification logic portion of the tear sheet.

16 x 12 x 14 in
40 x 30 x 35 cm

30lb / 13.5kg

Tear Sheet
3D Drawing