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Dynamic Simplicity

Our newest sconce embraces the gestural simplicity of glyphs—symbols that compact meaning into a minimal graphic form. The collaborative design comprises two vertical panels joined at 90 degrees that form two halves of a whole—an intersection of contrasting colors and textures, as well as distinct shadows that complement a soft diffusion of light.


Yabu Pushelberg

Multi-disciplinary Design Studio

Yabu Pushelberg designs places and products: immersive environments, compelling destinations, and considered goods. George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg founded the studio in 1980 with an emphasis on interior design and have since evolved into creative directors addressing multiple layers of human experience. With offices in New York and Toronto and a team of more than a hundred creatives and professionals, the studio specializes in sensibilities spanning strategy, interior, product, lighting, textiles, and styling with a focus that goes well beyond what things look like, to how they make people feel.