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Design & Entrepreneurial Internship

Brooklyn NY

Seeking highly talented and creative individuals who want to learn and grow with the RBW team, under the supervision of the founding partners. Interns will contribute to a myriad of tasks to enhance the RBW brand while gaining hands-on experience working in an entrepreneurial environment.

  • Develop understanding of our business and creative process 
  • Learn via osmosis and observation, active participation where possible
  • Your involvement is based on your interest and ability to contribute
  • Be constantly tasked and challenged

Key Activities

  • Marketing support
  • Design assistance
  • Production assistance
  • General tasks

How We Select Interns

Please note these internships are highly competitive (limited to 4 positions per year), therefore every aspect of your application should communicate excellence.

  • Communication skills: Clarity of thought and expression, English fluency
  • Design sensibility: graphic layout, photography, product concept
  • Understanding of construction details
  • Skills, studio software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketchup, Solidworks (if familiar, demonstrate drawings, assemblies, BOM, revisions, explodes, etc).

Your Portfolio

  • Simplicity in presentation (visual & text)
  • Concise explanations
  • Excellent imagery (photography, composition, white balance etc)
  • Two or three projects demonstrating appropriate use of materials, fabrication processes and fastening methods (show final idea and show components, if development necessary few pictures possible)

Upcoming Deadlines

Summer (June - Aug)
Deadline: March 12
Interviews: March 15-18

Fall (Sept - Dec)
Deadline: June 12
Interviews: June 15-18

Winter (Jan - Feb)
Deadline: Sept 12
Interviews: Sept 15-18

Spring (Mar - May)
Deadline: December 12
Interviews: Dec 15-18

Please email us with a link to your resumé and a link to your portfolio (no email attachments please): apply@RichBrilliantWilling.com


We offer a stipend per month to assist in covering costs during the internship.

Past Interns


Colin Williams. Feb - Jul 2017
Alice Grandgeorges. July - Dec 2016
Manika Midha. Oct - Dec 2015
Michael Phillips. Jun - Aug 2015
Gabriela Cerveira. Mar - Dec 2015
Alex Haggar. Sep - Dec 2014
Alexis Jesup. Jul - Sep 2014
Tanner Slade. Apr - Jun 2014
Eric Nelson. Jan - Mar 2014
Megan Lin. Nov - Dec 2013
Calen Knauf. Jul - Sep 2013
Fahmida Lam. May - Jul 2013
Adrienne Finzsch. Jan - Apr 2013 
Sara Jane Rin. Sep – Dec 2012 
Sarah Pease. Jun – Aug 2012
Nicholas Ozemba. Jun – Sep 2012
Ilya Brukhman. Mar - May 2012
Tim Richards. Sep - Dec 2011
Julien Cedolin. Jul - Sep 2011
Anthony Keeler. May - Aug 2011
Kate Stokes. Apr - May 2011
Fanny Serouart. Jan - Apr 2011
Frank Michels. Sep - Dec 2010
Eric Zhou. Jun - Aug 2010
Ji-Yeon Lee. Jun - Aug 2010
Izzi Galindo. Mar - May 2010
Sanis Kim. Jan - May 2010
Jeff Dundas. Sep - Jan 2010
Wyatt Little. Sep - Nov 2009
HaeYoung Kim. Jun - Aug 2009
Maria Figueira. Jun - Aug 2009
Christoffer Angell. Mar - May 2009