20 Day Customization

Our production time for custom finishes selected from the RBW Finish Library is 20 days.

For any custom inquiry listed below, please email sales@richbrilliantwilling.com for further assistance.

Finishing Options

The RBW Finish Library offers custom finishing from a curated collection of metal finishing (powder coatings and selected plated finishes and anodized options). Powder coating is available for most aluminum and steel products. Choose from anodized options for aluminum products and plated options for steel products.

Trying to match something outside our library? Almost every RBW product has finish customization capability; please inquire to learn more details.

Custom orange Monocle

Order Swatches

Browse our curated collection of powder coated and plated finishes and order our Finish Samples online to get it shipped via same-day express service

Design Modification

Dimensional modification can be accommodated to adapt a standard product either to meet project critical dimensions, or to develop one-of-a-kind custom fixture. The lead time will vary according to the quantity and scope of the project.

 Custom Delta Modification

Light Engine Substitution / Specification

For larger projects, we offer custom capability to change light engine for desired brightness, high Color Rendition Index, and super warm or cool CCT outside of our standard range 2700-3500k to meet lighting specification.

Custom Lettering

A limited number of our collections are available for custom hand-painted or vinyl signage and braille solutions. Please visit our selected hand paint signage for more details on typeface and paint color options.