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RBW 360 XR

Introducing RBW 360 Extended Reality, the only way to experience our full catalog of ready to ship collections in the comfort of your own home. Transport yourself to a modern office visualized by digital artist, Tom Hancocks, for 360 views of spaces from the recent past/near future.

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RBW XR 360 Headset.

Headset in hand and ready to go
Follow along below for further instructions.

Introducing RBW 360 XR, an extended reality experience designed in collaboration with digital artist Tom Hancocks.

For any custom inquiry listed below, reach out to our sales team at sales@richbrilliantwilling.com

Chip sconce in a casual workplace visualized by digital artist Tom Hancocks.


1 // Turn on

Click the button below to enter the XR space. 

Note: You will be required to download the Vimeo app. Trust us, it's worth it.

Enter the 360 Office


2 // Tune in

Press the icon on the video resembling a headset and follow the instructions.

Upon rotating your phone, you should see a split screen view of the space. If this is the case, you are ready to place your phone into your XR headset.

Instructions for mounting your phone for viewing are included on your headset.


3 // Drop out

Make yourself at home. Explore the space we've created for you.