(Shown above Headboard light for NYC hotel)


Why choose to commission RBW for a project?

For projects which demand a unique and truly individual statement, we welcome commissions to design one of a kind works. Commissions maximize our creativity and leverage the best of RBW, both our design prowess and manufacturing proficiency. Commissions can be quite open in direction, if desired they can require little more than guidelines from the client. In fact, often the best outcomes are achieved by proscribing a general design intent, where sometimes too many details tend add unnecessary constraints. Commissions are particularly applicable to public spaces requiring an expressive focal point, often in the form of a chandelier typology.

Recent commission shown above East village hotel headboard light


Why choose to customize an RBW Product?

We accept modifications to dimensions, finishes and materials to products in our line. By tailoring an existing solution to fit a project, we can offer unique results with the certainty of a fast turn around. Speed and durability are a consequence of having parts on our shelves and having rigorously tested the product. Additionally, the customization is an accessible process that is achievable without requiring large minimum orders.