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Light is a powerful thing. When it comes to hospitality, a warm, welcoming light is what sets us at ease and makes us feel at home. In the workplace, light sets the tone of an employee’s day. The right light lifts the mood, inspires productivity, and motivates us. At home, light enlivens the little things—our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends. Rich Brilliant Willing believes that nothing is more important in shaping our sense of well-being than quality of light.


We believe in the power of light to create atmosphere. 


In 2019, we’ve committed to improving our social and environmental impact in all aspects of our company. We’re proud to be the first decorative lighting manufacturer in North America to be a Certified B Corporation. This means we are part of a group of companies dedicated to using business as a positive force for their employees and brand. Follow or join us on our journey to continue to strengthen our role in the B Corp community. 



RBW prides itself on being a different kind of design brand, overseeing all aspects of manufacturing for its products — from ideation and design, through to specification, production, marketing, and shipping — under one roof. Our purpose-designed factory and design studio in Industry City, Brooklyn, support our unique team culture to accommodate all types of work for its various departments.

Visit us in our Soho showroom by making an appointment or speak with one of our sales team members about your project. Call +1 212 388 1621 or email sales@richbrilliantwilling.com.