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LED Board (8.5W)

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LED Board (8.5W)

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Incandescents, fluorescents and halogens are history. The future is lit by LEDs, low-energy, long-lasting sources that offer a spectrum of warm temperatures. RBW understands LEDs. This 8.5W A/C input integrated LED board gives off +700 lumens of light, equivalent to a bare 60W incandescent bulb, at 1/7 the power consumption. Compatible with Monocle, Mori, Delta, Ledge, Crisp, and Akoya collections.

Integrated LED

8.5W power consumption
700 lumens delivered

(1) 8.5W LED
2200K–3500K LED
640 lumen source
min 80 CRI
50k hour lifespan LED

Dimming & Control
Portfolio Dimming control compatibility and dimming range can be found on the specification logic portion of the tear sheet.