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LED Board (Dim To Warm)

LED Board (Dim To Warm)

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  • Incandescents, fluorescents and halogens are history. The future is lit by LEDs, low-energy, long-lasting sources that offer a spectrum of warm temperatures. RBW understands LEDs. This 8.5W A/C input integrated LED board gives off +700 lumens of light, equivalent to a bare 60W incandescent bulb, at 1/7 the power consumption. When dimmed, this LED mimics incandescent lighting, glowing at a warmer color temperature than at full brightness. Compatible with Monocle, Mori, Palindrome, Ledge, Crisp, and Akoya collections.

    UL Listed
  • Materials
    Integrated LED

    1 × 9W LED
    2700–2200K 2-step DTW
    710 lumen source min 90 CRI
    50k hour lifespan LED

    9W power consumption
    lumens (delivered)

    Dimming & Control
    TRIAC dimming 10-100%
    recommended dimmer

  • Tear Sheet
    3D Drawings
    IES File
    Install Instructions

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Assembly: Corporate Office

QUEUE | February, 2017

Delta V: Private Residence

Delta | October, 2016

Queue Pendant: Hotel

QUEUE | September, 2016

Platt Dana Architects: New Canaan CT

Palindrome | July, 2016