Notch casts light from the top or bottom, and from its core, thanks to the cube-shaped hollow cut out of its open, rectangular, column-like shade—yet the light source remains mysteriously concealed. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the fixture itself, the contrasting finishes on the interior and exterior also improve the light; as the LEDs reflect off of the interior surfaces, they pick up some of the color and shine, adding nuance and depth to the overall environment.

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Working Holiday Silver Lake — Los Angeles, CA

Notch sconce, matte black

The Mystery Hollow

Designed in collaboration with our friends at Rockwell Group, Notch’s rectangular, columnar shade features an unusual, cube-shaped void that exposes the rich metallic finish of the interior. The effect is both a brilliant contrast and a subtle reflective shine, although the actual source of light mysteriously remains hidden from view.


David Rockwell

Architect & Founder, Rockwell Group

Together, the two firms reinterpreted basic geometric forms as minimalist sculpture, using solid, luxury materials to transform the circle and the square into expressions of poetic simplicity. The result of a long collaborative relationship creating customized luminaires for a diverse range of our projects. Rockwell Group and RBW have taken pure geometric forms like spheres and cubes and softened them with poetic simplicity. Through variations in configuration and light, the three minimalist suspension and wall-mounted fixtures solve for a number of needs.

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2023 B Corp Month

Every March, the global community of Certified B Corporations comes together to celebrate our commitment to using business as a force for good. B Corp Month is a time to recognize the growing movement of businesses that prioritize social and environmental impact alongside profit, and celebrate the positive impact we are making in our communities and around the world.

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