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Gala is a minimal, near-weightless take on the chandelier, rethought as a simple beam with power cords hidden inside the slim suspension cables. Its ivory-frosted glass fixtures, fixed in a variety of compositions, bring to mind hanging fruit. Voluptuous and handblown, each orb is subtly unique.

Gala 11410
Gala 11410 Chandelier
Gala 11420
Gala 11420 Chandelier
Gala 11430
Gala 11430 Chandelier
Gala 4210
Gala 4210 Chandelier

Gala 4230
Gala 4230 Chandelier
Gala 7210
Gala 7210 Chandelier
Gala 7220
Gala 7220 Chandelier
Gala 7230
Gala 7230 Chandelier

Gala 7242X
Gala 7242X Chandelier