Crisp is a simple, contemporary option for a flush-mounted light, molded from solid glass and fit for installation in the ceiling or wall and is suitable for wet locations. Its grooved front face, which brings to mind the ruffles of a potato crisp, serves to cast light over a more expansive area and add a subtle texture to interiors.

The Collection


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Wayla — New York, NY. Crisp flush mount, white interior

Wayla — New York, NY

Crisp flush mount, white interior

Moxy Hotel East Village — New York, NY. Crisp sconce, frosted interior

Moxy Hotel East Village — New York, NY

Crisp sconce, frosted interior

A New Groove

While Crisp’s unusual ridges bear an uncanny resemblance to a ruffled potato chip, its lively texture also serves an excellent function: the grooves cast light over a greater surface area, extending the reach of our compact sconce.

KBS Residence — Perth, Australia

Crisp sconce, white interior

Glossier Flagship Store — New York, NY

Crisp sconce, white interior

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