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Dealer and Rep News— What is Portfolio Dimming?

August 27, 2019

Elevate your projects with our easy-to-understand, expanded dimming options. Introducing our new platform—Portfolio Dimming—available across our line of expressive, decorative light fixtures.

Created to allow for seamless specification with a variety of projects in mind, from workplace to hospitality, dining, and retail experiences, RBW's expanded dimming capabilities now give you the power of precision control married with exceptional light quality.

We have always strived to push the boundaries of what decorative lighting can be. With the introduction of Portfolio Dimming, we're melding the high-caliber design aesthetics of our fixtures with the exceptional technical performance your projects require.

Portfolio Dimming allows for the greatest level of control and a smooth transition from full light output (100%) down to one of three primary light level targets: Standard (10%), Flex (1%), and Performance (0.1%).

The result is easy-to-achieve, tailored light levels for any setting—no matter the project requirements or budget—furthering your ability to create award-winning atmosphere unique to each of your projects.

To schedule a presentation on Portfolio Dimming or for further information on elevating your next project, call +1 212 388 1621 or email sales@richbrilliantwilling.com.

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