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Dealer and Rep News— Vitis Sales Training

July 02, 2018

As part of our three year objective to become the #1 preferred decorative lighting brand, RBW is introducing a new visually distinctive multi-hang point chandelier that combines sculptural forms, material craftmanship and advanced technology.

You can now find the updated 2018 New Products presentation here.



Named Vitis after the latin origin of vineyard, the gesture of this statement chandelier connotes a vine laden with orbs of fruit. Luminous glass beads evoke the fullness of a ripened grape, forms bursting with life.

Design Concept

Designed so that no two installations are exactly alike, Vitis, is a dramatically draped statement chandelier that combines light, translucency and fluidity of form.


Key Talking Points

  • Material Craftmanship: The glass orb is a two step process, where an exterior blown glass exterior is fused with a polished glass cylinder, designed to make the LED module concentric in the globe.

  • Multi-Textured Surfaces (We encourage you to let the audience touch and feel the samples):

    • Glass: Frosted exterior with polished interior, emanating a soft glow with a layer of sparkle.

    • Clasp: Radial textured surfaces of the clasp in Anodized Finish (only).

    • Cable: Woven jacket brings an element of fabric to the composition.

  • Unique Components: Please call out RBW's attention to details by emphasizing that every component of this fixture, from LED board to woven cord jacket to screws were uniquely designed and made for the Vitis.

  • Seamless Integration: Vitis will ship with both standard canopy cover and a recessed (mud-in) canopy. (Install video to become available 7/13)

  • Dim-to-Dark Technology: Smooth 0.1% - 100% dimming using EldoLED technology. Highlight this capability and EldoLED if your audience is lighting designers.

Product SKU Breakdown

Block Image
  • The collection name is VS
  • The first number bracket determines the number of heads or light sources, which also dictates the scale of the fixture.
  • The second number bracket determines the glass globe finish.
  • The third number bracket determines the anodized finish color or plated finish.
  • The fourth number bracket determines the cord finish.
  • The fifth number is for color temperature of the LED boards.
  • The sixth number bracket determines the input
  • The seventh number determines the driver.

To make SKU building easier during the specification process, we have created an Ordering Worksheet within the Vitis Tearsheet.

Finish Offerings

Please see Finish Library page on Ordering Worksheet.

Glass - Hand blown double walled glass globes available in 2 standard finishes.

  • Frosted Ivory (IV)
  • Polished Smoke (SM)

Clasp - Standard anodized aluminum in 3 finishes with radial texture or steel in plated or powder coated finish for upcharge.

  • Natural (AA1)
  • White Gold (AA2)
  • Black (AA4)
  • Plished Chrome (PF13)
  • Mottled Brass (PF11)
  • Satin Brass (PF17)
  • Warm Bronze (PF16)
  • Polished Copper (PF14)
  • Polished Black Nickel (PF16)

Cord - Woven nylon jacked available in 2 standard finishes.

  • Black (CB)
  • White (CW)
  • Limited selection of customer colors will be available soon.

Finish Customization

  • Cord - A range of selected cord colors is available upon request with a custom up charge fee.

  • Clasp - Steel clasp can be customized in any powder coat or plated finish.

Lamping Specs

  • 2 × 3.5W LED Per Glass Orb
  • 2700K and 3000K LED Only At This Time
  • 300 lumen source min 80 CRI
  • _____ lumens (delivered) - Test in Progress
  • 110V-277V Input 50/60Hz (Univ)
  • 0-10V Control (standard)
  • DALI Protocol (optional)

Remote Driver


A standard driver housing box is offered for remote install. The maximum install distance from driver is 25' TBC.

Some remote driver installation locations:

  • An exposed ceiling
  • Work closets
  • Internal to drywall with solution such as Access Panel (Acudor Link)

Recessed (Mud-in) Canopy

One of two standard canopy options available for seamless architectural integration. 

Specs Summary

  • 4 Configurations—1, 3, 5 and 7 Globes

  • Cord Length— 10’ between each globe

  • Total Length — 1 Globe (20’), 3 (40’), 5 (60’), & 7 (80’)

  • Clasps Finish— Powdercoat, Plated or Anodized

  • Component Standard Qty:

    • Ceiling Grip Qty: 1 Globe (3), 3 Globe (7), 5 Globe (11) and 7 Globe (15)

    • Clasp Qty: 1 per Globe

    • End Clasp Qty: 1 per fixture

  • 2 Custom LED Boards per Globe

  • Lumens at Source: 3.5W per board; 7W per Globe

  • Driver (Remote Install) : 0-10V*, DALI* or TRIAC

    • Dim-to-Dark is only available for 0-10V or DALI

  • CCT: 2700K, 3000K


Block Image

  • Cord: A selected range of custom cord jacket are available upon request with a custom upcharge.

  • Clasp: Customizable in powdercoat and plating.

  • CCT: Alternative color temperatures are available with a longer leadtime and MOQ 100 boards (50 globes).

  • Configurations: Any configurations more that 7 globe will require a higher output drive.

Q3 Timeline

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