Dealer and Rep News Pastille & Chip Sales Training

Key Marketing Message

Further expansion of the RBW surface mounted solution, these are two new exciting Staples collections that are versatile, beautiful and high performing.


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  • The sales presentation is now added to the 2018 New Products presentation and live on the Rep Portal.
  • Key Dates:
    • Pastille & Chip Go Live 8/8
    • Customer Ship Date:
      • Pastille 10/20
      • Chip 10/15

Design Concept - Pastille

With the bold geometric patterns of its glass surface accented by metal backings, Pastille’s design echoes the Art Deco sensibilities of Old Hollywood. The collection offers mix-and-match options for custom installation, including either a droplet profile or faceted pattern for the glass globe, with various finishes for an accent ring or back plate.

Named Pastille due to its candy-like form, this is a collection that explores the unique opal glass design with ribbed texture, faceted profile and domed surface.

Key Talking Points - Pastille

  • Unique Glass Design: The challenge with opal glass is how to achieve even illumination. The glass textures and designs of Pastille exhibit great attention to detail and vendor craftmanship that achieves a soft even glow.
  • Mix-and-Match Variance: The range of glass styles, back plate designs and finish is meant to empower the designers to mix and match to create their desired assemble. This allows each install to be unique.
  • Custom Lettering: Pastille is one of collections that allow hand paint, vinyl lettering and even braille, making it suitable for large hospitality projects.
  • Premium Performance Staple (coming soon): Pastille will be one of RBW's first Staple to offer premium dimming capability. We are looking to achieve Smooth 0.1% - 100% dimming using ERP driver compatible with a DC board.

Variants - Pastille

  • LED Mount is machined, anodized aluminum. The standard finish is black (black anodized)
  • Glass Shades - Available in 2 styles at Market Date
    • D - Droplet - Smooth with slight point
    • F - Faceted - Faceted with large front face
    • R - Ribbed - Small ribbed surface around flat front face
  • Metal plates: 3 variants. Metals can be finished in powdercoat, plated or anodized
    • Sconce Collar (1 globe): For standalone installation on wall.
    • Sconce Plate (1 globe): Circular disc
    • Wayfind (1 globe): Oblong plate for signage text
    • Vanity (3 globes): Linear pattern
    • Cluster (3 globes): Circular cluster
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Customization - Pastille


  • Back Plate Finishing: The back plate can be customized in any finishes from the RBW library.
    • We can also match RAL in powdercoat or webpaint
    • Selected unique anodize finish is available for back plate, continuing to expand our finishing offering.
  • Hand Paint Lettering is available. Pricing is per pc and varies by quantity. 
    • Typefaces: 5 suggested styles are available that fall within the RBW 20-day customization lead time. Please see Parts Stores
    • Paint Colors: A selected range of colors are available for hand paint.
  • Vinyl Lettering is available. Pricing is per pc and varies by quantity. Check in Netsuite
  • Braille pricing upon inquiry.
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Specs - Pastille

  • ADA Compliant
  • 3 glass styles: Droplet, Faceted, Ribbed
  • Single Globe Back Plates — Collar, Disc, Wayfind
  • Multi Globe Back Plates — Vanity, Cluster
  • Standard Powdercoat : White FT, Black FT, Silk Grey, Vermillion, Breccia
  • Standard Plating: Polished Chrome, Satin Brass
  • Input voltage: 120V, 220V, UN (coming soon)
  • CCT: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K CCT
  • 80 CRI
  • 8.5W Power Consumption

Design Concept - Chip

As an evolution from customer feedback from continued request of making larger Crisp sconces, the Chip is a linear cousin to RBW's best seller

Chip is a surface-mounted fixture with the familiar grooves that extend the surface area its light can reach. Scoring Chip’s clear, solid glass body and painted interior, the grooves also add a textural quality to its minimalist design. Installation options include with or without a square mounting plate.

Specs - Chip

  • 120V & 220V
  • CCT: 2700K, 3000K
    • (2700K is only available for the 220V board)

*90 CRI

*12W Power Consumption

  • ADA Compliant
  • IP 20, IP 65 (in progress)