Dealer and Rep News 0-10V Dimming Control

May 08, 2017

0-10V Dimming is one of the earliest and simplest electronic lighting control systems. Simply put, it is a Direct Current (DC) voltage that varies between 0 to 10 Volts. The scale of light output is designed so that at 10V 100% of the potential light is being emitted and at 0V the lowest possible light is being emitted by the LED board.

Things to Note About 0-10V Dimming Systems:

  • Often better suited for new development projects where there is more potential for extra wiring
  • Extra Wiring: This system requires two low-voltage differential wires per control channel, directly connected between each control and load/fixture.
    • This makes it impossible to assign individual control devices (dimmers/sensors) to one or many light sources without additional wiring
    • Often contractors will charge extra for the installation of extra wiring for these systems
    • Due to the extra wiring it makes it difficult to retrofit older buildings with this system
  • 0-10V Dimming is a mechanical system that does not use a computer or programming
  • There is a range of light outputs depending on the manufacturer
  • 0-10V Dimming systems need their own zone per fixture type
  • There are two kinds of 0-10V Dimming standards: Architectural Standard vs. Theatrical Standard. The sink current flows in opposite ways between these two standards. A lighting designer should always verify which standard is being used in the control system

What RBW Products work in 0-10V Dimming Systems?

Branch M / L, Queue, Centro

Branch, Queue, and Centro use linear Direct Current (DC) LED boards that require drivers for dimming. The drivers do two things: convert the AC (Alternating Current) to DC and they can also be programmed or wired for a particular dimming control system. For these collections, we have two kinds of dimming drivers: TRIAC or 0-10V Dimming Drivers.

What You Need to Know:

  • Branch Small Sconce and Radiant are, at present, not compatible with the 0-10V Dimming Systems
  • At 220/240V, Branch, Queue, and Centro may only be dimmed using a 0-10V Dimming Control System. Radiant and Branch Sconce Small are not dimmable in international markets (220/240V)

Take Aways:

  • It is important to discuss what sort of dimming system your client is intending to use from the very beginning so that they can make the environment suitable for the intended product.
  • Always test a product with a dimming system to ensure that it will function seamlessly. There is never a guarantee that it will work seamlessly without testing first. Matching a product with the control system recommended by the product’s manufacturer is always a good place to start!
  • We test our lamps with some of the most popular dimmers used on the market and are constantly testing new combinations. Note that our testing is an indication, not a guarantee of compatibility.
  • The TRIAC drivers we stock do not function at 220/240V, but we can have special 220/240V drivers sourced for you project with an extended lead time and custom fee. Please request more information upon ordering.