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Light Reading— RBW x Rapt Studio for Salone del Mobile

March 19, 2019

Award-winning interdisciplinary design agency Rapt Studio presents Tell Me More, their debut installation at Salone del Mobile featuring Rich Brilliant Willing as their exclusive lighting partner. Their immersive, interactive exhibit displays a grand installation of Vitis, Centro Pendants, and Crisp Sconces along the walls.

Tell Me More aims to explore the intersection of spatial experience and emotional connection, offering visitors the opportunity to experience a microcosm of a Rapt-designed environment. Inspired by the feeling of entering a beloved space, the two-part installation consists of an arrival chamber and expansive lounge, which serve as a backdrop to explore human connection.

As guests first enter the space, they are greeted by small circular, drapery-clad “stages” –personal theaters. Each stage presents guests with a question posed by the stranger who came before them. Upon reflecting, visitors are asked to leave a query for the next guest and transition beyond the mirrored walls into the lounge.

In the lounge, guests gather underneath a living collage created by a shower of lights that hang from the vault ceiling. Among the lights hang threads, from which the questions posed in the personal theaters reappear to encourage guests to consider their answers, strike up conversations, and make personal connections with those around them.

General Exhibit Information:

  • Exhibit Title: Tell Me More
  • General Dates and Opening Times: 
  • April 9-13 10:00-20:00
    April 14 10:00-18:00
    Location: Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 15bis, 20125 Milano, Italy
  • Hashtags: #TellMeMore #RaptxSalone