Light Reading Dim-to-Dark Technology

As part of our constantly growing list of premium features, RBW is excited to introduce Dim-to-Dark technology.

Shown above: Queue Sconce 24 in Natural finish with 0-10V control
Smooth dimming from 100% to 0.1% is achieved through the use of eldoLED Drivers which minimize the flicker commonly seen in LED lighting fixtures. Natural and gradual changes in brightness occur smoothly from 0.1% brightness, which looks nearly off to the human eye, and ranges to 100% brightness.
The Vitis collection explores seamless integration of lighting via recessed and concealed components to complement the precise control offered by Dim-to-Dark technology. The remote driver allows for sleek application in a wide array of architectural spaces. Working together, these facets of cutting edge technology create a flawless, flicker-free dimming experience.

Explore premium dimming in our linear collections, Branch and Queue, as well as our latest Statements collection, Vitis.

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