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Light Reading— NYCxDesign | Aged 10 Years Previews

May 24, 2019

In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, Rich Brilliant Willing hosted a series of preview events surrounding the theme of Aged 10 Years.

The menu explored the different ways in which food can be aged—from pickling and curing to dehydrating. Each dish played with various elements of preservation and how these processes lend a sense of durability to otherwise fragile produce. A tasting of three wines from 2009, all showing freshness and vitality despite their age, echoed the timelessness of good design. The 10 year celebration included a preview of RBW's latest collection, AllSew, a modular scalable pendant inspired by the luminosity of lanterns and the lightweight, collapsible efficiency of kites. 

Photography by Federica Carlet, Event Production by Nikki Cohen, Catering by Greenings Fine Foods