Light Reading New Intern, Megan Lin at RBW

October 21, 2013

Hi! My name is Megan Lin, and I am from Taiwan (My real name is Wan-Yu Lin, so call me whichever you prefer :) ). This is my sixth year in the United States. I really enjoy my time here so far. I spent a year in language school in Boston. Then, I moved to Rochester, and studied Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology.

I love to travel, explore the world, and experience new things. These are the reasons why I am here! My present goal is to keep traveling and enrich my designs with my stories and experiences. If you want to know more about me, check out my website and feel free to get in touch.

I'm glad to have a chance to work at RBW. Thank you for having me as part of the RBW team!


Megan Lin