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Light Reading— A Glass of Gowanus!

October 11, 2013

A pretty interesting article by Dan Nosowitz up on PopSci.com right now about our local waterway.

"The story of how one of the most polluted waterways in America came to be located in one of the country's most expensive neighborhoods. Also: dysentery, cancer, and arsenic poisoning."

Also there's a nice mention of our favorite neighborhood bar, and how it's naming came to be:

---The original planners of the canal somehow thought that the natural tides from Upper New York Bay would flush out the Gowanus Canal. They did not, at all, so the water in the Gowanus did not move. Without movement, there was no oxygen, so life began to die out. Locals nicknamed it "Lavender Lake," a name taken, cheekily, by a large outdoor bar that opened last year in the modern Gowanus neighborhood. ---

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