Light Reading Getting to the Gala

September 04, 2013

When designing any product, there are many iterations done and generally the final product will look quite different from its first incarnation. The Gala went through the same process to develop its uniquely shaped globes. Like most designs, the gala began with a sketch. In the first drawings the globes took on a circular geometric form. From there the globes were modeled in paper mache to determine if the initial thoughts on paper translated well into the physical world. As the process moved from modeling to working with the final materials, the globes started to reflect  their manufacturing process. The glass globes that hang from the Gala chandelier are hand blown, and in any hand made process, small imperfections take shape. The hand blown glass globes take on a more organic form as opposed to their initial circular form. This new globe creates an elegant balance of stark geometry and soft hand shaped forms.