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Light Reading— New Intern, D Calen Knauf At RBW!

August 01, 2013

Hi My name is D Calen Knauf and I am the new intern here at Rich Brilliant Willing. I came to the studio from Vancouver Canada and I have been here now for three weeks.  So far my time in New York has been separated between Working here at the studio, satellite working on my own studios work, skateboarding with the "All Timers", and biking around the city. Last weekend Some friends and I took a trip out to Connecticut for some "camping". Coming from British Columbia, it came as quite a shock that Connecticut doesn't allow drinking in state parks. With a little ingenuity (thanks Kuzma!) we crafted our own Vita coconut water decoy koozies, making the camping that much better. "look at those wholesome healthy skateboard guys, all just sipping on coconut water, they really like that coconut water!".  So far working with the trio and the rest of the studio has been a great time. These guys really know design and they realllllly know their business.

Thanks for having me guys!

D Calen Knauf