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Light Reading— Strapping Young Lad!

July 10, 2013


At RBW we love design.  When starting a new design, the team always starts off establishing a clear design objective, they consider the audience and thoroughly understand any constraints.  Design can be somewhat of a challenge when you are given this mix of ingredients.  And so Charles Brill, Founder and Designer at RBW, created his own challenge for employee Calvin Rocchio.  He said to Calvin “I challenge you to design and build a strapping cart (used for holding a large spool of strapping tape) in one hour.”  Calvin inspired by his working days at the Tom Sachs studio immediately saw images of MDF scraps and wooden pegs dance in his head.  Considering his material and time constraints and clearly established objective, he set out to make a functional, well-designed strapping cart that he successfully completed with seconds to spare. With MDF, dowels, screws and some glue he designed and produced what sells for over $200 online, for under $20 in just one hour!  Calvin is pretty happy with the completed design.  Like all good design, he worked out a few kinks in the days that followed and hopes to develop a 2.0 iteration in the future.

Bravo Calvin!