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Light Reading— The Great Gardens of Gowanus

June 06, 2013


Being Gowanus settlers, we wanted to spread our Gowanus love by sharing an excerpt from The Weekly Yelp. The Gowanus Canal isn't just one of the most polluted bodies of water in the US of A, it also lends its name to the nearby nabe full of countless kickass gardens, patios and backyards. This week we're walking you through just a few fantastic places to spend your summer afternoons. “

Lavender Lake (383 Carroll St)
“You can skip stones into the Canal from the courtyard, yet none of the ugly characteristics come through.” With fantastic fried brussels sprouts and a menu to match, Steven S attests that “the experience is lovely” and best enjoyed on a warm summer day.  

Gowanus Yacht Club (323 Smith St)
“You know when you want to just sit in your backyard with a hot dog and a beer on a summer day...only you don't have a backyard?” That’s where this seasonal spot comes in handy for Roy K. Since the Yacht Club portion is strictly tongue-in-cheek, it's “bare-bones, simple, nothing fancy.”

Black Mountain Wine House (415 Union St)
Roll to this rustic spot “and the city melts away, shed from your shoulders like a overcoat that is too thick for the warm aura.” With a garden breeze it's perfection in the sunshine, and George D divulges, "the offerings here are quality items, and generous.”

Zombie Hut (273 Smith St)
Ro C fell head-over-heels for this tiki paradise: “All they're missing is the cabana boy who will serve you drinks whilst wearing a grass skirt and a lei.” Scorpion Bowls are best, but the menu's full of refreshers that will have you feeling like "being fanned with palm leaves by half-naked islanders.”

The Wing Bar (275 Smith St)
With well-priced pitchers and “great, straight-ahead wings,” this aptly-named joint was already a winner for Jared R. Post up at the picnic tables out back and dig into “just good kick-you-in-the-face wing sauce and some deep fried chicken.” 

Compiled by your Community Manager Peter D with help from Yelpers!