Light Reading The Sounds of RBW

RBW is a musical place. If you ever stop by our studio you will hear our resident DJ, Olivia.  She plays some of the best beats from around the world from the start of the day to the closing of shop. You will be bright eyed and chipper, tapping your feet or dancing in your seat. At 5 pm you can hear our 5 at 5 cow bell.  If rung unenthusiastically we demand a repeat. It calls us to gather as a team and get cracking on a quick clean up of our mess. The latest addition to the sounds of RBW is a 22 inch Wuhan gong.  It was decided that it would be struck in celebration of our successes.  Here at Rich Brilliant Willing we celebrate those big and small.  It is said that teams and organizations that celebrate success create more success. So, if the gong takes you by surprise and you jump out of your chair, just soak up the good vibrations, because the future is looking bright.