Light Reading The Future of Lighting Design

February 02, 2014

Jan Vingerhoets, the CEO of Flos USA, understands that no technological change is threatening to radically alter his industry— (LED) lighting—the way many believe that 3D printers are on the verge of upending manufacturing.

 “The big advantage of LED is that it’s small, it’s very long lasting and it enables you to be much more dynamic [and] creative,” he said. “

“Offices are changing, becoming almost like residences,” he said. “So the office, the meeting room, the desk, they all melt into each other, and we like that because we think it’s much more [of] a home feeling, it’s less of a cubicle feeling. Sharing is much more important. So when we thought about this, we started working more with light that is incorporated into the wall. We call it ‘soft architecture.”

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