Light Reading RBW's Newest Intern


Junior Design Intern / Inspector / Cyber

Hey! I'm Eric Nelson, the freshest intern at RBW. I'm excited to have the opportunity to fill the next few months working alongside the entire team and spending time in the Brooklyn studio. I very recently moved from Ann Arbor, MI where I graduated last year from the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. My possessions have been in boxes since December and I moved the lot of them into a storage unit the afternoon before my first day here at RBW.

Top ten things I'm pretty sure I didn't lose (I hope) during the move:

  1. my bike
  2. grey t-shirt collection
  3. two plants, Planty and Yoncé
  4. Hario ceramic coffee dripper
  5. Lorrie Moore paperbacks
  6. back log of magazines
  7. chargers galore
  8. passwords
  9. friends :/
  10. snow boots

I'll be working on side projects while I'm here and updating my site regularly so check it out.