NYCxDesign | Taking Inventory Exhibition



Embracing the ethos of Industry 4.0, RBW reimagines lighting for the 21st-century, pairing beautiful, expressive design with advanced technology and engineering. In our forward-thinking, experimentally-driven approach, the end result is lighting out of the ordinary: statement pieces that take on unprecedented shapes, or staple pieces that make subtle upgrades on familiar forms.

As the opening of RBW’s expansive new headquarters in Kingston, New York marks a new chapter of innovation for our brand, we also take a look back with Taking Inventory, the title of both our new book made in collaboration with Wax Studios, as well as a new tactile exhibition during NYCxDesign Week. As an in-depth look into our brand’s many moving parts, we invite you to experience the stories, experiments, and prototypes that take place behind the scenes.

Print pendant in Clear/Frosted glass providing rhythmic illumination for the exhibition tables

Design iterations of Monocle sconce

Taking Inventory, a book developed in collaboration with Wax Studios

Print PET globe (large) and glass globe (small)

New Print pendants in a row, and Latis pendants in Zig Zag

Factory of the Future - Kingston

Print pedants and sconces

Print PET globe (large) and glass globe (small)

New Print pendants in a row, and Latis pendants in Zig Zag

Accordable luxury of Vitis Chandelier

Material study of our rippled glass sconce — Chip


Book Design

More Stories



NYCxDesign | 10 Year Anniversary Party

Rich Brilliant Willing has turned 10 years old this year and we celebrated during NYCxDesign Week at the newly opened Sister City Rooftop. There’s nothing like a New York City rooftop to make you feel like the sky is truly the limit.



NYCxDesign | Aged 10 Years Previews

In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, Rich Brilliant Willing hosted a series of preview events surrounding the theme of Aged 10 Years.